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Good Mews Cat Shelter's Journal
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Saturday, June 6th, 2009
11:51 pm
4 Funny Cats Featured at Good Mews Laugh Nite July 18th Live at Nancy G's Café & Neighborhood Bistro

On July 18th, come to Buckhead to laugh, eat, drink and help Good Mews find good homes for good kitties.

From 8:00pm-9:30pm, enjoy the comedy of Jed Fearon "The Strapping Cat Surgeon", Nicole Chiles "The Reformed Feminist", Scott Williams "The Weimaraner Whisperer", and Richard Conklin "The Tech Geek”.

Make reservations to dine before or during the show at Nancy G’s, 4920 Roswell Road, Atlanta, in the Fountain Oaks Kroger shopping center in North Buckhead. A local café serving up contemporary Southern cooking in a relaxed at home atmosphere, unwind at Nancy G’s and share great conversation over dishes that are as fresh and interesting as they are affordable. The best dinner times are 6:30 or 7:00pm so you don't have to eat during the performances – unless you want to.

Tickets are $15 cash at the door. For both show and dinner reservations call Nancy G's at 404-705-8444.

Ticket proceeds benefit Good Mews Animal Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which operates a no-kill shelter for homeless, abused and abandoned cats. Located at 736 Johnson Ferry Road in Marietta, the shelter provides a cage-free home for its residents, allowing them freedom and security while assertive adoption programs find them happy, loving homes. Good Mews has a strong commitment to the practice of spaying and neutering as the most important step in stemming the explosion of unwanted pets. Other programs promote public awareness regarding the value of pets, animal welfare, and quality human-animal companionship through education and outreach programs.
For more information about Good Mews, visit our website at www.goodmews.org or call 770-499-CATS (2287)

Current Mood: cheerful
Wednesday, November 15th, 2006
1:31 am

This is my beloved Cornish Niki Cat. He scrambled past me as I was going out the door yesterday so I grabbed my camera and took some shots of him. I have a couple more on my journal if you'd like to come see : )

Big cat loving hugs,
Sunday, September 10th, 2006
5:34 pm
Feral cats
Hi! I'm not sure if anyone still reads this community, but I figured I'd give it a shot.

I live in an apartment complex that has a small community of feral cats (13 or so that I have been able to count). One day, I found two abandoned newborns. I took them in and tried to raise them, but they were just too sick and both passed away. After that, I set out to implement a Trap/Neuter/Release program in the area to stop the cats from breeding. Unfortunately, one day, the office (who had previously agreed to my proposal) decided they didn't want them around any more (due to some wierd story about the cats attracting coyotes) and called animal control out to kill them all.

I love these kitties dearly and I have gotten attached to quite a few. I can try scooping them up to try and find them homes, but I think that most of them are too wild. I don't want them to die. I was thinking of starting a petition in the complex to see if maybe the office might respond to that, but I don't know if it will do any good.

Does anyone have any ideas, tips, suggestions? Or do you know of a place I can go to for help on this matter?

Thanks for your help! =^.^=
Saturday, August 19th, 2006
4:20 pm

I just found this outdated journal for Good Mews Animal Foundation, and thought I'd update it for you.

Many friends of Good Mews might have been looking for it in it's old location on Sandtown Road in Marietta.

A while back, cats and all, we moved to a brand new location in East Cobb at the Olde Towne Center, just North of Lower Roswell Road at

Suite A-3
736 Johnson Ferry Road
Marietta, Georgia 30068

Here's a picture of the preparations for the Grand Opening.

You many not know that Good Mews was Atlanta's original non profit no-kill shelter and the cats roam around in a cage-free environment.

Our adoption hours are every Saturday from 10am-4pm, the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month from 1pm-4pm and by appointment.

Until September 3rd, due to overpopulation, we're running a two fur one special for kittens under nine months old. The $110 adoption fee for two kittens includes the kitten’s age appropriate vaccinations, deworming, flea treatment, testing, micro chipping, registration and spay/neuter!

For more information, visit http://www.goodmews.org or call 770-499-CATS (2287).

That's all for now. Gotta meowsy over to see the other cats.

Good Mews Mighty Kitty
Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
1:07 pm

Saturday, August 21, 2004 - Found in apartment complex off Northside Drive NW in Atlanta, Georgia. Domestic Shorthair Tabby Cat. Male. 1 year old. Not declawed. Litterbox trained. Friendly.

If you or someone you know has lost a pet and lives in this area, please contact 404-351-0382. I will keep him for a week or two and then plan to deliver him to a local non-kill animal shelter.

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Tuesday, August 10th, 2004
3:12 pm
Hello. My name is Kristi and I am new to the community. I am posting through my catjournal (tuxedotabby), but you can find my personal journal at celtgrrl. On Sunday, I begin my volunteer training with Good Mews. I am very excited to be involved with such a great organization and to be a part of this community.
Wednesday, June 9th, 2004
2:39 pm

I wish I had a better picture of Twinkle on this computer but this is the only one I have here.

I need a huge cat favor. See the white kitty in the picture above? That's Twinkle, one of my favorite cats on the planet. The kitty beneath him is his best friend, brother and only littermate Sparkle, he died just a short while ago. I loved him so so much. He had a congenital disease called amyloidosis where your body produces too much protein, (pariticularly in Oriental Shorthaired cats which Twinkle and Sparkle are), and can't excrete it, so it stores it in your organs, specifically your kidneys and your liver. There isn't a cure.

Twinkle is fading. His white blood cell count is sky rocket high, his liver doesn't look good, he just looks awful. I'm giving him subcutaneous fluids and appetite stimulants and buying special foods and taking such god care of him. I'm just trying to walk that awful line between keeping him alive, hoping he'll bounce back, and watching to see if he is suffering and should be put to sleep because there's no hope of a recovery. This is always a hellish painful place to be.

Today I am going to take him to the vet again, this time to stay for a while so they can be certain he isn't suffering and so they'll be able to do whatever they can to make him comfortable. Chances are pretty good that they'll wind up telling me he needs to be put to sleep. I have always hated that expression and as I sit here knowing that I need to take a nap so I can be a chipper and positive girlfriend for my boyfriend because it's his birthday I can't help but want to stay awake and spend Twinkle's possible last few hours at home staring at him while he sleeps.

Anyway the favor I'm asking is for your positive energy, prayers, candles, vibes, support, whatever you can send Twinkle's way. It's worked before, so why not now? Thanks so so sooooo much.

Big loving hugs,

I miss my Sparkle, there will never be another like him.
Tuesday, June 8th, 2004
3:17 pm
Hi. I hate to just run into this community like this, but I need some SERIOUS help.

About a month ago, we rescued a kitten (Tigger) from outside. She was about two weeks old, and the mother had left her. She's a good little kitten, in good health as far as we can see.

However, in the past week, she's gotten kind of sick. She's not lethargic or anything, but her abdomen is VERY bloated and swollen. It's obvious from across the room-- she looks like she swallowed a balloon. She's eating regularly, drinking regularly-- no more or less than usual. She's moving bowels regularly, but not in great amount, and it's dry and hard. While changing her cat pan, I also noticed it's a different color and more icky smelling than usual. She's also been kept in her little play area because she's CONSTANTLY urinating.

Her fur and back legs are always wet, and she smells. My mom thinks it might be worms. This was her kitten kind of as a mother's day gift... we really don't have a lot of money to spend on a vet. Any ideas what it could be? Please don't tell me it's something fatal... :(
Friday, May 28th, 2004
10:12 pm
Hello all,
I just bought a townhouse and am unfotunately without pets. I'm looking for two cats or older kittens that have spent time together and get along. I'm also looking for cats that will cost me less than $50 just to acquire. I don't mind spending money on their vet bills, food, supplies, etc, I just think that it's silly that there are thousands of homeless cats out there and the only ones I can find at shelters are about $90. Any leads would be appreciated! I've contacted the people listing cats on various internet communities and classifieds, and haven't gotten a reply back from one of them. Know of any leads? Thanks in advance :)
Friday, December 19th, 2003
10:41 pm

Here is one of our many cuddly naughty little feline family members. They were helping (not) us wrap our Christmas gifts yesterday so I took some pictures of them to share with you. I'll put the rest behind the LJ cut. I actually got scared off posting cat pics for a few months now because one of my LJ friends has all of the cat communities on her friends list and got upset that she had to scroll past all of my cat picture posts, sigh. I don't put any of my communities on my friend's list or I'd go mad. I have so many wonderful pals and belong to so many communities that there's just no keeping up with it. Anyway for those of you who would be bothered by seeing a whole bunch of glorious kitties over and over again here they are behind the cut. Happy Holiday hugs, Jacqui XOXOXO Read more...Collapse )
Wednesday, September 17th, 2003
10:31 pm
I included these pictures in a big long post in my journal today but I wanted to share them with you so I just cut out the text that didn't pertain to kittyness. I put up some more pretty pics a few days ago so you might want to come over and check them out.

Here is my star model and we don't even have a name for him yet. I've resisted naming them as long as I can and am going to have to get on this immediately. We gave another one away today and I got so upset I cried.

A terrible, (but here because I promised it), photo of the elusive but lovely Miss Zazu Pitts.

These two black kitties were so cute, (the way they were sleeping on their backs with their paws up like that), that I had to take a picture to share with you. This is one of the bigger kittens.

This is his half brother Sammy who has a twin brother Swanky.

Here he is. The little baby kitten who almost died for the second time last night and the reason I couldn't get anything done all day today and am dreading tonight. Every time this happens it's like harkening back to the early days of rearing baby Beau for me. Sleep deprivation sucks.

This little man is costing us a lot in terms of sheer effort and stress. He had better pull through this so he can become just as special and beloved as Triple B, and maybe replace our lost little Baby cat, who we fought so long and so hard to keep alive.

Here is a shot of my wonderful, beloved brown Burmese Coco who is so smart and sensitive. He kept the baby warm whenever I left the room. He's sniffing the camera here.

Here is another one of the Siamese babies on my bed. Isn't he the cutest, and he's so sweet too.

God I hope I can get some sleep tonight. I'm already so tired.

Big warm friendly cat loving hugs,
Thursday, September 4th, 2003
9:15 pm

I tried to take some pictures of the kittens for you so you could see them and get a sense of their still-tiny size, but they are so wiggly and kitteny it was a fairly lost cause.

At least you can sort of see them, but they won't sit still for a second, especially not when I steal them away from Mama, bring them in my office and place them, gently, on my keyboard.

This one's a little better but still too fuzzy. I think I'll wait till they're a little bigger, and sadly, but also hopefully, these will be the last kittens we have here, unless we foster some.

I feel so guilty that we let this happen again. My friend Susan teases me about being the most irresponsible responsible animal lover she knows. They're so wonderful and I'm grateful and adore every precious little kitty life, but I know it's completely irresponsible and wrong of me to have let this happen, especially when there are so many cats dying in our fucking so called "shelters."

We finally fixed all the boys but it looks to me like Sydsu, our Whatever-Ticked, (I can never remember the fussy name they call his color, but it's basically tabby), Oriental Shorthair, got in a little last-minute pussycat action with one of the nursing Mama's, just before he was hauled off to the hospital, for the fixing of certain kitten making parts. That whole business of not being able to get pregnant while you're nursing, well, that's off completely, just right off. Our girls were so horny and ready for action, they'd be mewing and shoving their bottoms up into the boys faces, even with thier kittens still clinging on to their nipples.

I was decidedly not horny just after I had Beau, but maybe that's because I tore and had so many stitches, and was suffering from sore boobs and a complete lack of sleep. But when I was pregnant, oh Lord, that was a different matter, I wanted sex round the clock, in the shower, on the counter, standing at the window, in the bath, on the floor by the refrigerator, in the car...
Thursday, August 14th, 2003
7:35 pm

Curly is so beautiful but he's so black that it's hard to get a good shot of him. Here is Uncle Curly and one of the babies on my bed.

I just wasted more than an hour trying to make this collage out of these shots of Triple B ripping her way out of this bag and I got so frustrated with the clone and erase functions and the look of it that I just gave up and put this one up. You get the idea.
3:34 am

This is Triple B, our tiniest kitten, well, actually no she isn't the tiniest one anymore, now that we've just had new ones. We had three very sick kittens whose mom's figured they weren't worth the effort and abandoned them, so we took them on and bottle fed them ourselves round the clock. Only two of them made it. Baby died and broke our hearts, but Baby Baby, and Baby Baby Baby, or Triple B, as Beau likes to call her, is still here fighting. She has died and come back to life several times. We've given her mouth to mouth and pushed on her chest, forced liquids down her, given her IV Fluids and antibiotics, incredibly expensive eye drops, Irma even took her to her church so people would pray for her, and at one point the vet said he thought we'd have to remove her eyes. But as you can see she's doing just fine, this super soft tiny little monkey girl, and we're all pretty proud of this and completely dote on her. I took this picture tonight when she jumped into Beau's bowl of plastic bee bees. Triple B in the Bee Bee's, get it.
Tuesday, August 12th, 2003
12:42 am

Fifteen Minutes Old Ebony Ticked Oriental Shorthair Baby

Well, it turns out Irma was right about the Moon. Ping has had kittens. She's had four so far and may have one more. There is one sleek little black person, one brown tabby, and two grey tabbies. They are all mostly Oriental Shorthair because their Father was an Oriental Shorthair and their Mother was an Oriental Shorthair mixed with Sphynx and Cornish Rex. They're going to be super cool kitties just like their big sisters and brothers -- super affectionate, and smart, into everything and big kitty trouble.

I only have four pictures and their pretty poor quality because I didn't want to spook her by fiddling around with lighting or getting in her face too much, although we're really good friends and I've been massaging her belly and helping her out with warming up the kittens and cutting their umbilical cords. She's my special pal and it's pretty clear that she trusts me completely. I'm just going to include one picture here and put the other three behind the cut. I'll try to grab some more pictures tomorrow but we've got the funeral and Beau's buddy's little barbecue birthday party. I just wanted to share these with you because I am such a procrastinator and I always promise pictures and then never get around to it.Read more...Collapse )
Monday, March 3rd, 2003
11:00 pm
Cat Culture: The Social World of a Cat Shelter (Animals, Culture, and Society)
"......an academic study of the interactions between cats and their human caregivers at a no-kill shelter. The authors, both professors of sociology, based the book on four years of observations conducted while they volunteered at the shelter. They watched the cats form relationships, surveyed the socialization of previously feral cats, and both observed and interviewed the shelter volunteers. The Algers, animal rights activists and owners of multiple cats themselves, follow a model of participant observation, which allows researchers to develop close relationships with their subjects. The result is an interesting mix of academic protocol and illustrative stories. Within a scholarly framework, the Algers discuss such subjects as cat friendships, how the resident cats deal with new arrivals, or how the cats "train" the volunteers, fleshing out their points with excerpts from their field notes."
Saturday, December 14th, 2002
1:21 pm
Jake and Coco spent the night on my pillow. Sparkle cuddled up with me when he was sure I wasn't looking. Sunny is still hiding under the bed so I won't scoop him up and put him back in the bathroom, (don't worry, it's a big bathroom) where he has been locked up with the other quarantined kitties.

Ping is playing with the little gnomey Animal Crossing characters on my TV screen. I left it on when I finally passed out from game-playing exhaustion at three fifty-four in the morning. Spooky 1 is crying at the door, while Spooky 2 is curled up asleep in a very happy ball.

In the bathroom, with the now locked door, (because Sunny, who even though he is now on the outside -- he figured out how to paw it open when he was on the inside -- might just decide to open from this side and liberate his imprisoned companions), Lui, Lucilla, Ruby Dee, and Twinkle are sniffing and planning their escape. They will try to weave trying to their way past my deftly moving feet. If they could they would flatten their bones -- with a wink to Scott -- and slide under the door.

On the toilet Lucilla crawls all over me and leaves scratched on both of my thighs, my arm, and on the back of my neck. I try to distract her with a tossed tampon. "Go get it Luci, fetch." Nah that only works with Sparkle and his babies.

In the shower I take a seat on the cold marble bench and cuddle up with Priscilla. When once she would have bitten me for daring, now she is grateful for the company, and makes little trilling sounds at the back of her throat. Her one remaining eye is still darty and strange, the mark of some kind of disordered kitty thinking. Then again who wouldn't be freaked out if they'd been abandoned at an animal shelter, wound up here with us, and then clawed out their own eye. I hold her up to the window so she can see out. There are birds cheeping in my neighbor's trees. The air smells crisp and fresh and there is the faint smell of smoke from last nights fire. I pet and kiss Lucilla and say prayers over her only eye. Hopeful kitty eyes watch us from the other side of the glass shower door.

Outside my bedroom, I step carefully over the big blue cat bed where Bluebell, Cio Cio, and Baby Angel are sleeping. I know Leon is in there somewhere, maybe under the pillow, he likes to tuck in there because he's naked -- without fur -- and he gets cold. I discovered this when I made the mistake of stepping on him, well only lightly, but I felt sooooo bad about it afterwards.

One of the Moes leans in and rubs against my leg while I walk to my office. I look down at his sweet upturned face, and he meows that incongruous girly-cat meow, the one that just doesn't go with his beat-everyone-up, pee-all-over-everything, macho-male-cat swagger. And yes he's fixed, but it's all my fault because I waited too damned long. I waited too long because I was afraid something might go wrong and either Moe or his brother would end up being one of those accidental statistical deaths from what is supposed to be a very common surgery. So I waited and by then they were peeing, peeing and swaggering, all over the house.

See he was my baby, Moe and his identical twin brother Moe, and they were so beautiful, sleek, black, silky, just well, beautiful, and I loved them so. I watched them being born, an accident of mating between black sphynxy Leon, and a newly arrived, sexually unprotected Precious, (I swear I didn't name her). And then these tiny people came. There were three of them, all black and shiny, with lovely Asian eyes, little half Siamese, half Sphynx miracles, and one of them didn't survive. And they became my babies too. I worried and fussed over them as much as there mother did, maybe more, and now they ruin my furniture, pee on anything I set down anywhere, beat up the other cats, and look up at me with their adoring slinky eyes.

At the office door, Precious, (remember, I didn't name her, he did, and no I am not homophobic just because I feel I should mention he's gay), shoves her oily body past my feet, and spends just the amount of time it takes to write this letter, staring at my elderly pet rat Rattie, and has now jumped to my shoulder, scratching my back in the process, jumped off my shoulder, and is lapping at my oatmeal and rice milk. And now... she is stealing my cheese.
Friday, September 20th, 2002
1:02 am
This is our new kitty Kai'iki. Kai'iki means daisy in Hawaiian. He's a flame point siamese, we have all kinds of kittys, but I have been looking for a little person just like him for five years. My best friend of my life cat passed away of kidney failure and he was sooo special. He would bring me sticks, he could say my name, he was amazing. He was a flame point, I just think they are amazing, big hearted, super smart cat people, so I'm pretty excited about this little guy. I just wanted to share his picture with all of my cat community pals. I took these a couple of days ago when he was sitting in this little bed on my desk.

Thursday, August 1st, 2002
4:41 am
Dear Beloved Live Journal Cat Loving Friends,

I'm cross posting this prayer/hope/healing request in a few community journals where people like me, major cat lovers, might be hanging out so that I can maximize the chance of getting some help for my many kitties who have been infected with some kind of virus. I've posted this to communities I belong to, and some new ones I've just joined, and hope you won't mind my request, especially in the cat photo communities where I'm sure a cute photo would be more welcome than a plea for cat prayers.

Emergency Cat Prayer Request

Hey Everyone,

I need your help again. Would you take a moment and say a prayer, or meditate, or do whatever you do to call positive healing energy, for my cats? Please? It worked the last time, it really really did, I was so grateful, and now I need your help again. I will always trade prayer or hope requests anytime all you have to do is ask.

I'm still here in Hawaii, my housekeeper/assistant is staying with my many cat friends. She called me today and told me that one of the black teenager kitties suddenly seemed really sick today, his mouth seems painful and he was drooling and seemed weak. This is exactly what happened to our other kitty friend who we had to put to sleep about two months ago, I'm no good with time so I'm not sure. He had FIP and his liver and kidneys had shut down. I was freaked out and thought everyone else in the house was going to come down with it. We bleached everything (remember when Beau accidentally squirted the bleach in my eyes?) and I was a panicked wreck for a few weeks any time anyone so much as hiccuped. Then we relaxed because it seemed like it was going to be okay.

So today Esther and Irma contacted me, then I called the new vet and arranged for them to take my sick cat in. The woman on the phone mentioned that there was some deadly new virus going around and she was concerned that it might be in her hospital and told me to make certain Esther would keep our kitty in his carrier so that he would neither catch nor give this virus to anyone there. About two hours after that a security officer came to our door and said there was an emergency phone call from Los Angeles and that someone had been trying to reach me and to call the hotel operator. The hotel operator told me that the vet had called and said it was urgent that I call him back immediately.

When I finally got through to the vet he said that he didn't want to ruin our vacation but that there was this deadly virus going around and that my two cats (now it was two and not just one because Esther discovered that one of the other teenage kitties also seemed sick), had all of the symptoms. He had contacted UC Davis and they wanted him to send some samples to them immediately and they would culture these and have an answer for us in three days. In the meantime, despite the fact that my cats seem very sick and need to be hospitalized, he said that he couldn't take them in because he had done this a couple months ago with another cat who had come down with this horrible virus, and he had to shut the entire hospital down for three weeks in order to properly disinfect and decontaminate everything. Three weeks to a vet hospital like this could mean a loss of a hundred thousand dollars or more.

He told me that I should isolate my cats at home, give them subcutaneous injections of fluid and antibiotics and call him if they got worse in which case he would put them to sleep for me. He said that UC Davis would like to have one of their bodies or both of them for research if they die. He said that all of my cats may have been infected and that this could run through our cattery and potentially kill a lot of our cats. The name of this virus, hemorrhage colisi virus, basically cat Ebola. What the f&^%?

It doesn't make sense though, this lethal virus is fast moving and has a very short incubation period, something like three days, these kitties are inbred and were born with an upper respiratory infection, their immune systems have been delicate since they were born, so they already had something going on. None of the cats have gone outside or come in contact with any other cats. How could they have this? How could my other kitty who died have contracted FIP? This disease seems similar to whatever Rudy2 had, what are the odds that the disease that he had, that was diagnosed by another vet as FIP, something considered to be highly infectious, is not the same disease as the one that is showing up in his brother and sister? Isn't it possible that this vet, having become super alerted to this new virus, might suspect anything remotely similar to be this terrible hemmorhagic cat fever thing? It could also be, what we have long suspected all of this to be, a cat flu that is a herpetic form of the virus. This would be the best case scenario, which basically sucks.

What is worse for my cats to have, ebola or feline infectious peritonitis? And what about my poor sick babies, what is going to happen to them. I'm so scared. Why is this happening? I love my cats so much. I don't understand, I feel cursed and punished. Please, please, please, pray for us. I'd rather suffer the embarrasment of having to beg your prayers and seem overreactive and hysterical and have it turn out to be nothing, than hold off asking and have it turn out terribly. Visualize healing energy around my two black kitten cats and all of the rest of our cat family, please, please, please???? Thanks so much and as always if there is ever anything I can do for any of you in return please don't ever hesitate to ask.

Love you,
A very worried and freaked out, far from home, Jacqui
Tuesday, May 21st, 2002
2:36 am
I am going to Good Mews this weekend to adopt a kitty. I have been looking at the cats on the web site, and I find myself very drawn to a pastel torti named Marbles. Since some of you posting to this journal seem to do volunteer work at Good Mews, I was wondering if anyone has met Marbles and could tell me anything about her... so far, I have an email from someone at the shelter that says she's a playful kitty who doesn't like to wear her collar, and who isn't much of a lap cat... anyone have any other info to add?

Given that I have only seen her online, I have tried not to get my heart set on this particular cat. I'm looking for a female cat, preferably no more than five years old, preferably with short hair, that is friendly with people and other cats (we don't have other cats, but our friends who would pet sit for us do). The cat will be indoors only, so declawed is ok. If any of you who read this visit the cats at Good Mews and can recommend a few "kitty candidates" to me, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
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