Suzanne (velvetfaery) wrote in goodmews,


I am going to Good Mews this weekend to adopt a kitty. I have been looking at the cats on the web site, and I find myself very drawn to a pastel torti named Marbles. Since some of you posting to this journal seem to do volunteer work at Good Mews, I was wondering if anyone has met Marbles and could tell me anything about her... so far, I have an email from someone at the shelter that says she's a playful kitty who doesn't like to wear her collar, and who isn't much of a lap cat... anyone have any other info to add?

Given that I have only seen her online, I have tried not to get my heart set on this particular cat. I'm looking for a female cat, preferably no more than five years old, preferably with short hair, that is friendly with people and other cats (we don't have other cats, but our friends who would pet sit for us do). The cat will be indoors only, so declawed is ok. If any of you who read this visit the cats at Good Mews and can recommend a few "kitty candidates" to me, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
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